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Surrealism is an important modern western literary genre, in between the two world wars. It aims to explore the human unconscious, advocated through logical and practical view of reality, completely give up on the basis of the logical and orderly experience memory image of reality, the birth, death, dream, reality, past and future together, "the rational control and controlled by the logic of reality is not real, is absolutely true, only dream and reality, the absolute objective."


Chengdu, has always been a city with unique humanistic temperament: leisure and hot, simple but fashionable, long but avant-garde, which leads to the continuous birth of literature, music, art talent and beauty. And artistic inspiration and creation often have with a strong resonance in the character of the city, which is complex, simple and avant-garde. Summarizing all these feelings and combining with other considerations and artistic inspiration, WEDesign scheduled a trip about "surrealism" for this project.


The " paradoxical harmony " of surrealism



In surrealist paintings, artists began to explore their irrational side in order to find new creative freedom. Although the scenes of surrealist paintings are strange and bizarre, which are incompatible with the reality and embody the characteristics of "abnormality", they have a sense of eternity beyond time and space, giving people a sense of efficacies and nihility. They are metaphors for the contradiction between people and the universe which is broken but interrelated, and fully embody the artistic charm of "paradoxical harmony".


"Paradoxical harmony" is a Chinese classical aesthetic concept. "Paradoxical" refers to the distortion of reality on the surface, but it can form the strangeness in art and create the novel effect in art. "Abnormal" but still "congenial", that is to say: although out of the meaning, but in the common sense, that is, "contrary to the common sense of life but in line with the way of art.



The three most representative artists of surrealism are Miro, Dali and Margaret


In interior design, soft decoration is also practicing the contradictory yet harmonious aesthetic logic of "paradoxical harmony" :


On the foundation that assures consistent and contemporary style, enhanced the modelling feeling of main furniture and dramatic feeling, the lamps and lanterns of the individual sofa of the sitting room, guest dining-room for example, have strong sense of science and technology; 


Black, white and grey are used as the base color, and red and blue are used to enhance the visual impact. Meanwhile, the transparent acrylic of fluorescent color, the glass that highlights the light and shadow effect, the clean and agile bright metal and other material details are used to make the avant-garde sense in the "surrealism" the ultimate.


In terms of the application of artworks, WEDesign always adheres to the concept of "soulful design should cooperate with real artworks", and has cooperated with many talented artists in the project to present the artistic attainment and passion of the owner.



Tribute to artists: Miro, Dali and Magritte


超现实主义绘画有三位十分重要又影响深远的艺术家:马格里特(Magritte Rene)、萨尔瓦多·达利(Salvador Dali)和米罗(Joan Miro),WED中熙设计在项目创作的过程中,深受这几位艺术家的作品启发,并从中提取元素,在室内软装向几位艺术致敬。

Magritte Rene, Salvador Dali and Joan Miro are three important and far-reaching surrealist artists. In the process of project creation, WEDesign got inspired by these artists, and extracted art elements to use in the soft decoration.

米罗(Joan Miro ,1893—1983),西班牙著名的画家和雕塑家。他的创作表现方式是有意地打乱知觉的正常秩序,在直觉式的引导下用一种近似于抽象的语言来表现心灵的即兴感应。因此在它的作品中会有象征的符号和简化的形象,使作品带有一种自由的抽象感,也有儿童般的天真气息,是被人们认为“把儿童艺术、原始艺术、民间艺术揉为一体的艺术大师”。

Joan Miro (1893—1983), is a famous painter and sculptor of Spain. His way of expression is to deliberately disrupt the normal order of perception and to express the impromptu induction of the mind in a language close to abstract under the guidance of intuition. Therefore, there are symbolic symbols and simplified images in his works, which make his works have a sense of free abstraction and childlike innocence. He is regarded as "an artist who integrates children's art, primitive art and folk art".



With Miro's representative work " Harlequin's Carnival " for inspiration and color guidance, the designer completed the soft decoration design of guest restaurant: block surface expression, different geometric forms, rich material combination, strange proportions of utensils, like a piece of this picture, seemingly unrelated but surprisingly harmonious;

萨尔瓦多·达利(Salvador Dali ,1904—1989)达利(1904—1986),是超现实主义绘画运动中最有影响力的领军人,在绘画、文学、电影、珠宝等方面有着特殊的贡献。他采用“具象”精确地复制非正常逻辑思维产生的幻象,把毫不相干的事物全部组合在一起,使画面中充满戏剧效果,带给人视觉与新心灵的震撼。

Salvador Dali (1904—1989) is the most influential leader in the surrealist painting movement and has made special contributions in painting, literature, film and jewelry. He uses "concrete image" to exactly duplicate the illusion produced by abnormal logical thinking, and combines all irrelevant things together to make the picture full of dramatic effect, bringing people the shock of vision and new mind.



Inspired by Dali's "crazy" artworks that reflect dreams and imagination, the designer boldly chose furniture modeling similar to Dali's in the study room, and chose the same style works of another contemporary artist to match with it. And the color palette that often appears in Dali's work also dominates the room: dark green, brown and orange objects are making faces in the yellow space.


马格里特Magritte Rene(1898~1967)比利时画家,是超现实主义重要代表人物,拥有很多成功作品,而且他的很多作品都和他自己有关。在他看来,人的眼睛只是一面错误的镜子,因为它所得到的只是自然的幻影,而不是自然本身。在马格里特的作品中,梦幻的感觉并不由于歪曲和变形,而是正常可见的事物放置在一起的冲突感。

Magritte Rene(1898~1967), Belgian painter, important representative of surrealism, has many successful works, and many of his works are related to himself. In his view, the human eye is only a false mirror, because what it gets is the illusion of nature, not nature itself. In Magritte's work, the dreamlike feeling is not caused by distortion or distortion, but by the conflict of normal visible things placed together.


This "sense of conflict" is the deliberate creation of the “bonus” in the design process. The two bedrooms provide a contrast between light and dark: one opens with an artist's psychedelic music theme, continuing the cool and mysterious temperament with a rare combination of colors and materials; Another brightened the darkened space with posters of the metropolitan museum of art's David Hockney, adding interest to the space with his trademark bright blue and playful touch.


"Surrealism" as the creation method is opposite as the realism, which is characterized by rationality and the reality. It aims at the real deep exploration and performance, is interested in the abstract and representational entities are tie-in, artistic conception form between virtual intersection of concrete, as well as a way of fuzzy state, so as to provide readers with pursue artists personal feelings. This is consistent with the ancient Chinese people's emphasis on "beyond the image, to get the inside of the won". In the treatment of "virtual" and "real", the part of "virtual" is where the artist's imagination flies and flies.


Project Overview 

项目名称 | 花漾锦江D栋大堂/样板间软装设计

项目地点 | 中国成都

项目面积 | 670㎡、174㎡

硬装设计 | 李玮珉建筑师事务所+上海越界建筑设计咨询有限公司

软装设计 | WED中熙设计事务所 

设计团队 | 温义浩、何玉琴、莫伟伦、郑熙

完成时间 | 2019年12月

摄 影 师 | bm Studio+彦铭

Project Name | JR Fantasia Tower D Lobby / Show room interior design

Project Location | Chengdu, China 

Project Size| 670㎡、174㎡

Interior Finish | LWM ARCHITECTS + Shanghai Yue Jie

Interior Furnishing | WE Design 

Design Team | Wen Yihao, He Yuqin, Mo Weilun, Zheng Xi

Completed time | December  2019 

Photographer | bm Studio+ Yan Ming


About WE Design

WE Design中熙设计事务所于2010年创立,WE意为“东与西”,以现代设计的思想,融合亚洲文明的精美,WE亦意为”我们“,展现年轻一代设计人改变社会与环境的决心与抱负。以“WE Design Future(我们设计未来)”为宗旨,广泛与不同行业进行合作,创作出品质卓越、概念新颖的项目,包括房地产、住宅、办公楼、商业及医疗等类别。通过近十年的不断成长,已发展成为提供室内设计、软装设计与工程、艺术顾问与工程、品牌设计等服务的全案设计事务所,透过跨领域、跨板块的合作,配以崭新的室内设计和建造科技,为客户设计及实现最佳方案。

WE Design was founded in 2010. WE means “East and West”; with the idea of modern design, it integrates the exquisiteness of Asian culture. WE also means “we”, showing the determination and ambition of younger generation designers to change society and environment. With the aim of "WE Design Future", the company works extensively with different industries to create projects of superior quality and innovative concepts, including real estate, residential, office, commercial and medical space. Through the continuous growth of nearly ten years, it has developed into a design office that provides services including interior design, furnishing and commission work, art consultancy, brand design, etc., through cross-domain and cross-platform cooperation, with new interior design concept and construction technology, WE Design provides the best service to the customer.



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