ASH最新修复的上西区标志性建筑——The Astor

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This luxury condominium is part of an iconic set of buildings tied to the Astor family, one of the biggest names in New York City real estate history.



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对于 Astor 的样板住宅,我们受到建筑历史和保存完好的战前建筑的启发。 将这些空间视为真正的日常生活之家,我们试图将现代设计与建筑固有的优雅和传统融为一体。 在可能的情况下,我们的目标是补充和增强空间中的战前特色,例如高高的天花板、复杂的装饰线条和燃木壁炉,以及绿树成荫的社区景观。

For the model residences at the Astor, we were inspired by the building’s history and impeccably preserved prewar architecture. Looking at these spaces as homes meant for real, everyday living, we sought to fuse contemporary design with the building’s inherent elegance and tradition. Wherever possible, we aimed to complement and enhance the prewar features in the spaces, such as the high ceilings, intricate decorative moldings, and wood burning fireplaces, as well as the tree-lined neighborhood views.


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Astor 的住宅保留了许多战前设计的精致细节,包括燃木壁炉、高高的天花板和装饰线条。 住宅已彻底现代化,包括双窗格凸窗和三板门等功能,以及顶级电器、固定装置和饰面。

The Astor's homes retain many of the refined details of their pre-war design, including wood-burning fireplaces, high ceilings and decorative moldings. Residences have been thoroughly modernized to include features such as double-pane bay windows and three-paneled doors, as well as top-of-the-line appliances, fixtures and finishes.


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The Astor 厨房中的白漆和染色橡木橱柜设计温馨宜人,并辅以 Calacatta Gold 台面和后挡板。 由嘉格纳 (Gaggenau)、德国美诺 (Miele) 和低于零 (Sub-Zero) 的集成式顶级电器套件完善了就餐厨房。 精选住宅包括一个与厨房相邻的隐蔽洗衣房,设有额外的储藏室和博世洗衣机和烘干机。

The white lacquer and stained oak cabinetry in The Astor's kitchens is designed to be warm and welcoming, complemented by Calacatta Gold countertops and backsplash. An integrated suite of top-of-the-line appliances by Gaggenau, Miele and Sub-Zero complete the eat-in kitchens. Select residences include a discreet laundry room adjacent to the kitchen, featuring additional pantry storage and a Bosch washer and dryer.



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浴池覆盖着各种奢华的大理石,包括 Calacatta Gold、Tundra Gray 和 Nero Gold。 双水槽梳妆台由白橡木制成,并配有 Lefroy Brooks 抛光镍配件。

The baths are clad in various luxurious marbles, including Calacatta Gold, Tundra Grey and Nero Gold. A dual-sink vanity is crafted from white oak and accessorized with Lefroy Brooks polished nickel fittings.


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The Astor 的住宅还具有必备的战前特色,如燃木壁炉、定制造型和人字形图案地板。 ASH 的舞台与著名的纽约设计公司 Pembrooke & Ives 相得益彰,后者领导了 Astor 历史悠久的室内设计的重新设计。

Residences at The Astor also feature must-have pre-war features like wood-burning fireplaces, custom molding and herringbone-patterned floors. ASH's staging complements the finishes by acclaimed New York-based design firm Pembrooke & Ives, who led the redesign of The Astor's historic interiors.




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