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由OMA操刀设计的历史悠久的柏林百货商店Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe)的第一象限开放。

The historic Berlin department store Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) opened the doors to the first quadrant of the masterplan designed by OMA.

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一个跨越六层楼的同心空间容纳了一系列木制扶梯。在底部,Tauentzienstraße主入口的延伸部分,空间既作为零售空间,也作为活动空间。在外面,Tauentzienstraße和Passauer Straße的拐角处引入了一个新的两层楼高的商店橱窗,用于数字和模拟演示。

A concentric void spanning six floors holds a series of wood-clad escalators. At the base, in extension of the Tauentzienstraße main entrance, the void serves both as a retail and event space. Outside, a new two-story-high shop window for digital and analogue presentations has been introduced on the corner of the Tauentzienstraße and Passauer Straße.

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Rather than treating the existing building as a singular mass, the project introduces four quadrants which fragment the original mass into smaller, easily accessible and navigable sectors. With this project, OMA and KaDeWe address the accelerating shifts in consumer behavior and the challenges and opportunities brought by online retail that are affecting the traditional department store.


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OMA合伙人Ellen van Loon:“KaDeWe的改造旨在重新定义零售空间、顾客和城市环境之间的动态关系,而此时电子商务正在重塑我们与实体购物的关系。该项目重新诠释了 100 多年来几乎保持不变的类型学的基本要素。”

OMA Partner Ellen van Loon: “The renovation of the KaDeWe aims to redefine the dynamics between retail space, its patrons, and the urban environment, in a time when e-commerce is reshaping our relation with in-person shopping. The project reinterprets the fundamental elements of a typology that has remained virtually unchanged for more than 100 years.”

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自2016年以来,柏林百货商店的总体规划和改造一直在进行,这是OMA为KaDeWe集团设计的第一个项目。该项目由Ellen van Loon和Rem Koolhaas领导,项目建筑师Natalie Konopelski也参与其中。Van Loon还负责KaDeWe集团在维也纳的新店的设计。

The masterplan and renovation of the Berlin department store, ongoing since 2016, marks OMA’s first project for KaDeWe Group. The project is led by Ellen van Loon and Rem Koolhaas, with Project Architect Natalie Konopelski. Van Loon is also undertaking the design of the new store by KaDeWe Group in Vienna.


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