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Aedas has recently completed the iconic 339-metres Hengqin International Financial Centre tower, which stands at the estuary of the Pearl River and overlooking Macau just across the waters. The spirally rising volume invokes the Chinese myth of flood dragons emerging from the sea – a perfect metaphor for the strength and power of the region.


犹如蛟龙出海拔地而起 摄影CreatAR Images the tower spirally rising as emerging dragons photo by CreatAR Images  

盘旋升腾间俯视整片水域摄影CreatAR Images overlooking the waters of Pearl River Estuary photo by CreatAR Images



The project is located in Zhuhai’s Hengqin Island, a future financial district connecting Hong Kong, Macao and other major cities in the Greater Bay Area. The city, surrounded by the sea and mountainous terrain and positioned at the heart of this world-class city cluster, is thriving to become a driving force of growth highlighted in China’s latest national development strategies.


项目所在地 Project Location


位于珠海与澳门之间十字形贯通水域的中心点 standing along the water boundary between Zhuhai and Macau

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“我们想要在这个蕴藏巨大能量的地块,打造一栋特别的建筑,来象征金融新区的新生,代表兴旺发展的横琴,甚至传递出新时代的中国力量。” Aedas全球设计董事Dr. Andy Wen(温子先博士)如是说。项目集甲级办公、会议展览、商务公寓和商业零售等功能于一体。设计将商业零售和会议中心在便于出入的裙房,甲级办公空间放于中低层,商务公寓置于静谧的高层。

“The site possesses powerful momentum for future developments. So we imagined this unique building to express the quality of speed, growth and vitality. It resembles prosperity of the new district and rise of the country,” explains Dr Andy Wen, Aedas Global Design Principal. The development comprises mixed programs including Grade-A office, conference and exhibition amenities, commercial apartments and retail space. Conventional and retail spaces are placed in the podium to allow for easy access. Offices are up to the middle of the tower while the apartments are set on top, enjoying the tranquil and scenic sea views.


项目业态分布 program layout


象征金融新区的新生 symbolize the new born of the financial new district

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Inspired by "The Nine Dragons", a famous stroll of Chinese painting from the Song Dynasty, the design embodies the convergence of energy in the architectural form. The traditional totem of the dragon emerging from the sea symbolises new life breaking through the barriers and ceaselessly flourishing into an imposing power. It’s transformed into the elegant curves and powerful twists of the tower, complementing the undulating surface of the waters around it. With four vertical blocks shooting up to the sky and merging into the building, the tower itself also becomes a symbol of talents and resources congregating at Hengqin to create a new metropolis in the Greater Bay Area.




The design is inspired by "The Nine Dragons", a famous stroll of Chinese painting from the Song Dynasty

手绘稿及建筑形体演变 sketches and design evolvement


简洁有力的塔楼线条展现破水而出的大气磅礴                                   蜿蜒灵动的裙楼线条

Simple yet powerful building silhouette                                        elegant curves around the podium

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The subtropical climate of Zhuhai imposes higher requirements on the tower’s wind load to withstand the strong winds during typhoon seasons. The design team meticulously adjusted the building’s orientation and entrance to reduce wind drag and improve pedestrians’ experience. The fluid elevations are clad in glass and metal panels, pouring down to form a huge curtain swept aside and twisted in the cosmic wind ending in a flurry of horizontally creased envelop surrounding a tall exhibition space and a unique canopy over the entrance.  A smooth transition between the super high-rise and the low rise podium is achieved by pulling and twisting the vertical elements around the central axis, turning the tower walls into the podium roof.

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线条灵动优雅的裙楼  podium marked by elegant lines

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“Architecture is not just an artistic expression. It should also be buildable solutions.” Parametric techniques were applied to design the details of the curvy curtain wall. With rigorous calculations, the curtain wall is divided into smaller, standardised units in a limited numbers of dimensional types. The glass panel units, mostly flat, are installed by sections and with gradually shifting angles to form the three-dimensional curve. The design team is thus able to realise the design with highest precision and minimised construction cost.


通过数字化工具,运用参数化技术合理化设计parametric techniques applied to rationalize the design


完美呈现3D曲线 perfectly realised three-dimensional curve

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图片22.png 图片23.png

                 剖面图                                                                                        首层平面

                 Section                                                                                      L1 Floor Plan




Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest Elevation








建筑设计:Dr. Andy Wen(温子先博士),全球设计董事;Keith Griffiths(纪达夫),主席及全球设计董事



Project: Hengqin International Financial Center

Location: Zhuhai, China

Architect: Aedas

Client: Zhuhai Shizimen Central Business District Development Holdings Co., Ltd

Gross Floor Area: 218,955 sq m (above ground: 138,158 sq m; below ground: 80,797 sq m)

Completion Year: 2020 

Design Directors: Global Design Principal Dr Andy Wen, Chairman and Global Design Principal Keith Griffiths









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